Energizing Your Community

Red Oak’s Commitment to You

Throughout the life of the Red Oak system, our teams will strive to be good neighbors to the families and communities along our route. We are committed to building a system that prioritizes safety while respecting each local area’s distinct features.

Our partnership believes in safety, and so do our employees. They live and work alongside these pipelines, too.

We use the latest construction techniques and follow the applicable safety and environmental regulations – often exceeding those standards simply because we believe it is the right thing to do.

Working for our communities

Here in the heartland of U.S. energy production, America’s role as the top worldwide energy producer is a source of pride. Hard work, strong roots, and tradition are the foundation of our thriving communities, resulting in better jobs and affordable energy. The Red Oak system will continue this legacy across communities in Oklahoma and Texas. Here’s how:

  • Growing the economy
    Pipeline construction generates significant opportunities locally and will benefit our communities. Once operational, the Red Oak system will generate millions in state and local tax revenues, which allows our community partners to make new investments in schools, roads, public safety and other vital services.
  • Creating local jobs
    Construction of the Red Oak system is expected to support thousands of direct and indirect jobs. From contractors and equipment suppliers to hotels and restaurants, the pipeline system’s construction will provide an economic boost from the ground up.
  • Securing affordable energy
    Once in operation, the Red Oak system will help to secure America’s energy independence while keeping gas prices lower across the U.S.


Committed to designing, constructing, operating and maintaining the pipeline system in a safe and reliable manner.

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